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hey everyone welcome to my eljay my name is Silvette {insert last name here} (tooriginal) i am seventeen going on eighteen (growing up fast) im African American mixed with one fourth of Chinese im shy
but really cool when you get to know me my favorite color is red im a crazy fangirl of big bang and wonder girls (WONDERBANG!)...i started listen to korean music somewhere in the late 2007 (double 07) and i wanna learn korean too so i gotten another eljay username ♥ (areumdaunlove) so please pretty please add me there (i sound like a little kid lol) so yea...the first song was either 10 minutes by lee hyori or get up by jessica h.o. (yes i know people dont like her) so that makes lee hyori my favorite korean singer period, dot, . LOL anyways i have been on livejournal sence 2005 or 2006 or 2007 dont really remember but i found one of my old usernames (sofrsh) and i
forgot that i had it lol ♥yoobin♥ ^^ is beautiful is'nt she :D (i made that so if you wanna use it please credit me tooriginal) im her EEBABO (fool) no lesbo she told me so and i love sunye too :) <--- my second fav... anyways im the youngest of my moms children COOLERS (i made that up so no stealing)...im an old skool person so i like en vogue, janet jackson, aaliyah (r.i.p baby girl), brandy, monica, h-town, salt-n-pepa, kris kross (yea im not afraid to admit it) and a lot more old skool people frikied frikied lol that was random :D did i mention that i was random...
big bang, wonder girls, lee hyori, kara, lexy, mina, jessica h.o., *shot* korean movies, asain boys, asain blogcrews, harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, harry potter movies

G-RI (g-dragon & seungri), Sunbin (sunye & yoobin)

foods & desserts
pizza, chinese food, chicken wings, mac & cheese, soul food, ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, cookies, cake, m&ms, skittles

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